Winter Golf Coaching

Kamloops golfers, now that we are close to closing for the winter, it’s time to think about getting better for 2020! I’ve got a great 3 month program: one lesson per week (total of 12 lessons) we will be focusing on changing your habits and I will start by videoing your swing and identifying the most important change for your swing.

My goal is to make you better and change your habits.  If you have trouble squaring your club and you are hitting slices or hooks, I can help. I believe it is vital to start from the impact position…if your club face isn’t square I will identify why and then tackle that issue. Weekly lessons will allow for necessary coaching that will result in a more efficient swing.

I will teach you to understand your swing, improve your game and play your best golf ever!

If getting better appeals to you then join me for a 3 month coaching program starting in November.

Brett Burgeson

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