A former Head Golf Professional and private club pro shop manager, he refines coaching skills to enhance golfers’ enjoyment. Utilizing Trackman, Boditrak, and V1 technologies, Brett provides personalized lessons, ensuring every golfer comprehends their swing and receives a video summary for post-lesson practice.


34 years in the golf industry with a ‘customer comes first’ philosophy, Brett has been a Head Golf Professional and managed Private club pro shops for much of his career. In 2019 Brett decided to dedicate himself to helping people enjoy this game more, by fine tuning his teaching and coaching skills.
Brett continually studies the golf swing and other coaches methods to improve his ability to help his students, becoming an Impact Zone Certified Instructor. in 2021. He has had many impactful experiences learning from other golf instructors and especially remembers his time with Butch Harmon fondly- ‘Butch’s coaching skills will stick with me forever, his style and grace will stay with me and help me, help you’.
Brett cares about his students and their enjoyment of their time practicing and playing golf!
Students will start to understand the reason or root cause of their golf game issues, and after a lesson they will know how to practice and create change.
Most golfers compensate for the root cause in their swing and then try to ‘fix’ a compensation, which only makes them worse.
Brett uses Trackman, Boditrak and V1 technologies to help golfers understand their swing and every golfer gets a video summary after their lesson.



45 Minutes
Engage in gameplay while receiving strategic guidance and insights for necessary adjustments. Utilize video analysis for swing and game evaluation, and devise a customized game plan for implementing improvements.

2 Person Adult Lesson $145

45 Minutes
Enjoy personalized golf instruction for two individuals. Receive strategic guidance, swing, and game analysis with video, and a customized game plan to enhance your skills.

3-6 Person Adult Lesson

45 Minutes 
Receive strategic guidance and pinpoint changes needed for your game. Benefit from swing and game analysis with video, along with a tailored game plan for implementing improvements.



5 – 45 Minute Lessons
Experience a comprehensive golf lesson package comprising five 45-minute sessions, addressing all aspects from swing techniques to short game strategies. Each session includes a thorough swing and game analysis conducted via video, along with a personalized action plan for implementing effective improvements.


8 – 45 Minute Lessons
Embark on our all-encompassing golf lesson package, including eight 45-minute sessions addressing swing techniques and short game strategies. Enjoy thorough swing and game analysis through video, along with a personalized action plan to refine your skills. Perfect for golfers seeking consistent guidance and extra practice time.

*All prices are subject to tax.