February is Re-Grip Month

Golf season is on the horizon and around KGCC we like to call February the Re-Grip month. What better way to start the season than with a fresh set of grips?

A good grip is imperative to a good golf swing, yet re-gripping is an often overlooked aspect of club maintenance. The back shop is filled with grips that are slick, crumbling away and deformed from over use. Remember all those sweaty summer days? Combine that with sunscreen, bags of chips, dirt and whatever else was touched and that’s what’s been sitting on your grips all winter.

A fresh grip will be tacky, soft and gives a good sense of feel and control in your hands. With a good grip, you can say good bye to the club twisting in your hands at impact.

Did you know an average PGA Tour player will have their clubs re-gripped 3-4 times a year? An amateur player likely doesn’t need it done that often, but every 30-40 rounds is suggested for optimal performance and at the minimum once a year.

An added bonus – new grips can even help your golf swing. If you struggle with too much grip tension or pressure, a tacky grip will make the club feel more secure so you won’t feel the need to hold on for dear life. Or maybe you’ve just worn away part of your grip and it’s hindering you from making any hand position adjustments.

At KGCC you’ll have numerous grips from Golf Pride, Superstroke and Winn to choose from to best suit your hand size, feel preference and swing tendencies. We have different styles, colours and textures to set you up for success.

Get a grip, and start the golf season off right.

February Grip Specials:

1 – 9 Grips 15% off, 10 or more 20% off

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