Monday’s at the golf course buzz with energy as an average of 65 senior men partake in the Senior Men’s League. This dedicated group brings experience and camaraderie to the fairways, transforming the weekly golf sessions into a lively display of passion and healthy competition. Their enduring commitment to an active lifestyle is evident in the skillful strokes and strategic plays witnessed each Monday. Beyond a golfing event, this league has become a gathering of friends, a showcase of sportsmanship, and a celebration of the enduring love for the game. The Senior Men’s League has turned Mondays into a highly anticipated day of camaraderie and golfing joy.


Entry Fee: $10, $5 goes towards the 50/50 draw.
Open to ages 55+, senior members, guests and the public on Monday’s. 8am shotgun.
Book through the Pro Shop upto 2 weeks in advance.

Explore the latest scores in our Senior Men’s Shotgun! Whether you’re celebrating a win or sharing a laugh about the game, keep up on details of the recent events. Enjoy the camaraderie in our lively golfing community.

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