We’re giving away 10 free junior memberships!

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest; we had a total of 45 submissions! We selected 5 entries based on who demonstrated their passion for golf and then another 10 entries from random draw. That’s right – we gave away 15 junior memberships instead of just 10!!

If you were not named as a winner, please stop by the Pro Shop and pick up a basket of balls for the driving range on us, and any rental clubs you might need.

Congratulations to all the winners:
Brynn Rebinsky, Austin Coutu, Jake Poulson, Kate Hancock, Theo Strome, Finn Knight, Claire Cochrane, Mylee Ward, Kaleb Ross, Aidan Fisher, Taylor Wincott, Tyler Thurston, Mitchell Kopytko, Tyson Frolek and Adam Niles.

A reminder that our junior night lessons start on Monday April 10, 4-5pm. These weekly lessons are free for junior members and only $10 for the public. Keep that passion for golf going and join us throughout the spring. Visit the junior member page  for more information.