Trackman in the House!

Our practice studio includes a Net Return Pro, several Tour Striker training aids, and most importantly a Trackman launch monitor. These tools will help any golfer accelerate their learning curve and provide greater understanding of the golf swing.

So, what is Trackman and why is it so important? Trackman is a Doppler radar launch monitor that provides a 3D analysis of ball flight and club characteristics. Basically, it tracks what the golf ball is doing as it flies and provides data such as spin rate, ball speed, launch angle, spin axis, carry distance, total distance etc. Furthermore, it also tracks what the club is doing on each shot and provides data points like club head speed, club face angle, club path, swing direction and the list goes on!

Equipped with this information, an instructor can see exactly what a golfer is doing on every shot. If you’re a golfer who has struggled with consistency in any way, Trackman will provide data to help solve your issue. The classic example being someone who slices their driver. Do you know why your golf ball has slice spin on it? Come hit some shots and let Trackman be your guide to fixing your ball flight.

Contact Head Pro Ian Henson or DOI Brett Burgeson or phone the Pro Shop at 250.376.3231 to book your Trackman session!

If you want to learn more about Trackman and how it’s being used in the golf world I’d suggest checking out this article – What is Trackman and How Does It Work?


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