Start Off Short Before You Go Long

The advantages of building your game starting from the hole and working towards the tee are countless. The first advantage of this approach is most players “waste” as many as 5-20 shots taken within 100 yards of the pin during a round of golf. The other advantage is one most people fail to realize. Working on less than full swing shots helps with full swing mechanics, rhythm and tempo. So working on your short game is doing “double duty”!

When I assess a player’s short game, the most prevalent error often comes in the decision- making process rather than the execution of the shot itself. The decision process is comprised of what type of shot to hit (high or low), what club to use and how to set up to achieve this. Here are a few keys that can put you on the road to lower scores.

Make sound decisions
Recognize the Situation: Club selection for the shot at hand. A higher shot such as a lob or pitch would need a more lofted club than a chip and run, which would need less loft.

When making your decisions on what shot to play, always play the lowest trajectory of shot possible with the highest percentage of success. Start with can you putt it? Then work through the following options: Chip, Pitch, and then Lob in that order to higher rates of success.

Drill for the short game
Flamingo drill: Hit chips & pitches with your rear foot off the ground and up on your toe for balance. Your legs should be together with your thighs “flat”. This places 99% of your weight on your front leg to give you a descending angle of attack, essential for solid contact. This is the best practice set up condition drill because most players hang back in an attempt to lift the ball in the air. You can’t do that on one leg.

Start the season off right and SHORT!

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