Finding Those Extra Yards

Looking to add a few extra yards to your shots? Not everyone is going to hit 300 yard bombs, but most golfers can squeeze out a few extra yards by improving the efficiency of their swing. It’s natural to just try and swing your arms faster to generate the extra power. However, that can often lead to big slices, miss hits and less distance. A good place to start looking for extra power is in your feet.

Start With Balancerory-address-top
Check your set up first and evaluate how well you are balanced before you start swinging. Your feet should be shoulder width apart (a little further for the driver) and your weight should be balanced on the balls of your feet. Channel your inner athleticism to create an active ready stance. The higher your swing speed, the stronger the base of support you need to maintain control and balance. In other words, if you’re not strong on your feet, you won’t be as strong with your swing.

Loading Your Feetback swing loading1
As you move through your backswing, your weight will gently transfer to your back foot. This is through the rotation of the backswing, not through conscious leaning. Feel your balance shift to the inside of your back foot to  load up while maintaining your stability. If your weight moves to the outside of your foot, you’ve gone too far laterally and likely won’t be able to engage the lower body in sync with your arms. When you have your weight on the inside of your back foot you have created a great deal of leverage. As the downswing starts the back foot can now push your lower body to uncoil. The more your lower body can uncoil and support the arms…. the more power you can create!

Your feet have an important role through the golf swing but they are often overlooked. Always make sure you have great balance, a strong base of support and good positioning of your feet to maximize your distance.

Lindsay MacDermott teaches at Kamloops Golf & Country Club. She can be reached at