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Ace Club

Coaching Package Nov 1 – Jan 31

Your winter sessions are designed to:

  • Drive the ball 20 yards FARTHER!
  • Be a Master Strike King!!!
  • Learn and groove new and better modifications to your swing
  • Blow Away your golf buddies
  • Stop your SLICING or HOOKING habits…

This winter program is designed to make you better while having a great time. We will start off with a video analysis of your swing, then start working on grooving your new move with weekly practice/coaching sessions.

Just like going to weekly hockey practice, we will work on improving your game and getting you ready to blow the doors off your winter golf vacation or impressing your buddies in the spring!!!

‘Change is Coming’ Package

1 Month Coaching (Winter 2019-2020)

Are you going South?

Want to get your game ready…

Start with a 4-week program aimed at making the change you need to affect your game for your winter getaway.

Just like other sports, having lessons in consecutive weeks allows for your body and mind to feel and groove a change.

I will video your swing and determine the main issue and why it is happening, from there we will continually work to change that issue and create the feel you need to continue the change.

Call Brett at 403-312-8447 or email at

Brett Burgeson, PGA


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